Starting Shorefall by Robert Jackson Bennett


Just a quick note to mention I’m starting a new book and series. How I feel about it will decide whether I write more on it later but I’m always excited to start a new series as it’s been awhile since I’ve been invested in one and finding a new promising series is a unique joy.

shorefall robert jackson bennett

A bunch of series have been in stasis as we await new Patrick Rothfuss and it’s been awhile since Scott Lynch’s Republic of Thieves hit shelves, not to mention we all have been on George R. R. Martin watch and coincides with a natural feeling that I think we all feel when we finish something that becomes the new thing we compare everything else to, the way Steven Erikson’s Malazan Book of the Fallen is for me.

Hopefully, to look at the bright side, that means in the near future we have a lot of cool stuff that will hit at the same time and we will have a period of speculative fiction heaven to sit by the pool with

Until then I’m eager to get into Robert Jackson Bennett’s Shorefall in search of new authors and series to see how they measure against the new gods and the old. It comes out next month on the 21st and if something strikes me either positive or negative I’ll share my thoughts on it later.

As you can see the backyard ambiance is optimal so hope the book isn’t a good sit ruined.

That chair isn’t winning any comfy awards though, he still has his hat on, and he’s holding up deuces, while still holding his staff. This guy(?) needs to relax. Just look at me chilling by the pool above for notes, one boss to another.

The worst is his chair placement though. Is this some sort of jacked up Feng shui thing?

I’m in a but of a rut finding books, I see all the lists and I’m always a bit wary when the lists are similar, and I’ve tried a lot of the consensus fave novels over the last few years and I think they have been fine, just fine, not books that are at all a waste of time or devoid of a baseline of quality but I haven’t found myself enamored the way many have for them and I don’t enter discussions about them because one, I see no point in ruining anyone’s else joy, two, they are the type of novels people get angry at you if you don’t LOVE them, and three the internet has become a place where no one wants a measured opinion of a book and nothing can be just fine anymore, they have to be genre expanding the best thing ever or trash. Reading is not sports, you don’t have to pick sides. It’s dumb.

I also think we don’t need consensus, there are enough books and readers out there for everyone and lack of consensus often put books you would never have heard of into your hands one day which brings authors on to your shelf or tablet for life.

The book that I recently read that I did love, however, was Jeff VanderMeer’s Dead Astronauts – it was fantastic. If Shorefall pleases anywhere close to that I’ll be happy reader.