Sinead De Vries Rides For Ghostrider. She Was Right.

sinead de vries

So this used to be a post about me catching episodes of TV Talk on Collider and seeing Sinéad de Vries just constantly talk Agents of S.H.I.E.LD. up and me finally giving it a chance and finding out yeah… it was a pretty cool Ghost Rider vehicle for a minute and probably a tv show that would be viewed differently if it didn’t happen really right when peak tv was a thing and our expectations were just so high regarding what we do with our time in front of a screen.

Now, my original post just kind of poofed but since I’m feeling nostalgic at the moment due to the demise of Collider Video I thought I’d want to keep up something that reminded me of the day it was fire and not many things on planet embodies fire quite like Sinéad de Vries (who btw also seems to be a wonderful mom and photo credit goes to her paramour of choice Nils Davey),

sexy sinead de vries

Obviously,girl is some kind of next level omg fine, but with that she would also have some fire takes and I always really enjoyed when Collider actually let their hosts talk (at that time letting women talk was a bit of a novel idea to them) because some of the funniest, real shit, and just refreshing takes came out when Sinéad, Ashley Mova, or Natasha Martinez would chime in because at some point, 5 days a week, you can kind of figure out what vanilla the regulars were going to say on any topic so I always appreciated the POV of people that were more like people I’d talk to in real life – I live on the beach in southern California (among other places) – guilty, I’m a coastal elite lol.

I guess Gal Gadot has Wonder Woman on lock right now but someone needs to put this South African girl in something on the big screen, she already a real life demi-goddess and got all the looks and personality anyone needs.