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I can be contacted via email.


Just a blog.

I had a previous blog-life where you’d find interviews I’ve conducted with some of your favorite NY Times Bestselling and award winning writers in speculative fiction, including pleading for Bronn to George R.R. Martin, the creator of Game of Thrones; talked dungeons and singularity with Charles Stross; chatted fantasy with the co-creator The Expanse; tried to hustle a spoiler from Robin Hobb; explored the depths of Ambergris with Jeff VanderMeer before Annihilation; summoned Scott Lynch before Locke Lamora hit streets & obsessed over all things Malazan with Erikson and Esslemont, among many many more.

I also co-founded and edited an online magazine that featured contributions from writers that included Neil Gaiman, Jeff VanderMeer, Catherynne M. Valente, Jeffrey Ford, Theodora Goss, R. Scott Bakker, Chris Roberson, Ian R. MacLeod, and Paul S. Kemp.

My real life I strive to keep better than the fantasy I sometimes read. When not island hopping between Hawaii, Japan, and Sardinia, you’ll find me near a beach somewhere in southern Cali or the gulf coast of Florida. I’m the one with my iced coffee, unkept hapa hair, w/ the zero fucks given tilted grin, probably talking about Studio Ghibli films, Calvin & Hobbes, or Inio Asano comics.

Also, I know, I know. I badly need a copy editor. You can make fun of me on social media.


I like myself too much. Also, oddly, the handles aren’t available anywhere and I find underscores to be unseemly. That won’t at all stop me from being super hypocritical and appreciate anyone who feels my content is worth sharing though.

I dig the blog and want to support it. How can I?

You don’t have to do anything. On the scale of good, I’m GOOD AF +++, please don’t do a thing for me except be good to each other. There will never be ads on this site.