Art Day – lil Maggie by Jaime Hernandez

lil maggie jaime hernandez love and rockets illustration

You can never go wrong with Love and Rockets and this is an illustration by the great Jaime Hernandez of “lil Maggie”.

I don’t usually buy unpublished art (commissions etc) and instead tend to focus on getting art from pages that I like from comics or manga that I read. I guess I just like to have the artifact from the thing I enjoyed and don’t typically gravitate toward beautiful work that lacks other deeper context.

I grabbed this one because even beyond the immense appreciation I already have for Jaime Hernandez and Love and Rockets in general – one of the greatest cartoonists and comics of all time – I find that I have even extra affection when he draws the adolescent version of his famous characters in a Hank Ketcham (Dennis the Menace) homage style. 

Very happy to go outside of my usual focus to add this one to my wall.

I’ve been reading a lot of comics lately, including what I think is the best comic of 2022 in Zoe Thorogood’s It’s Lonely at the Centre of the Earth, and related to this piece of art I just got the newly released (and very heavy) Love and Rockets 40th Anniversary set edition which I will blog about in the future.

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