Two Posters Added to the Collection – Mirai & The Night is Short, Walk on Girl

I collect movie posters, I have some-odd thousands of them on my quest to find two dozen perfect ones to hang in a theater room when I get around to it lol.

My interests are fairly broad, we all have our personal favorites or just like the overall appeal of the artistry of a poster we just only kind of like. I do enjoy buying posters for anime films because even the popular ones worldwide often get very little play in the United States distribution or promotional push even though all your kids watch anime.

mirai poster animation

Mirai came out in 2018 and was directed by Mamoru Hosoda, in what might be his most quiet yet best movie. It was nominated for the academy award in a year that was owned by Into the Spider-verse, which I largely agree, one of the few times I didn’t think a superior Japanese anime got beat by (usually) a very good or even great Pixar or Disney offering.

night is short walk on girl anime poster

The Night is Short, Walk on Girl is a strange movie and is everything people who don’t like anime don’t like about anime. Which means it’s pretty great. Uniquely animated, surreal, and vibrant it’s a true experience that can be absolutely bewildering but still feels oh so familiar.

Japan doesn’t make movies for the world, they make them for Japan, and if the world feels us they do, if they don’t, oh well and this movie is one of the prime examples of it though I think anyone who just likes storytelling unlike they have encountered in a sweet film can appreciate this.

If you’re into anime and not just punch me punch you back anime these are two films you need.

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