Cowboy Bebop Steel Book Coming To Help Your Media Shelf Make You Look Better

Been putting up a lot of interviews recently and haven’t been talking steel books since some new Studio Ghibli became available so let me correct that now and point to one I’ve definitely got on pre-order.

cowboy bebop

I particularly like getting the big or good anime in steel book and Cowboy Bebop definitely qualifies as both. It has been available before, there’s a particularly nice Korean set, but for stateside enthusiasts Best Buy has one for pre-order right now.

I don’t know what else really needs to be said about Cowboy Bebop, it exists as one of those things where you are one of 3 types of people. One, you already know about it and understand why you need this. Two, it’s something you should get right now so you can be one of the #1s. Or you #3 you’re stuck in the most unfortunate of loops where you pretend to be someone who likes awesome things but doesn’t like animation.

Be a #1 or #2.

Cowboy Bebop is basically universally acclaimed. In fact, it’s literally universally acclaimed. You have to actively be trying to not like it, it’s one of the best tv shows of any kind of all time.

If you like cartoons, animation, science fiction westerns, pulps, cyberpunk, or merely watching things on a screen play in front of you, this was made for you. It’s probably why it’s one of the anime masterpieces that really has translated well in the west were even all time best examples of either cinema or tv shows sometimes have difficulties crossing cultural barriers.

Highest possible recommendation.

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