Is Jessica Green the Cutest Human?

Do you ever have those instances where you watch different shows or movies and something just pops out of you, typically something to do with an actor, but you don’t really track it because you’re just in a passive viewing mode or maybe the person isn’t in a central role in everything you are taking in but for a brief second your brain registers… who is that?

jessica green


I’m a straight male human and like I mentioned before a shallow coastal elite bachelor lol (and if it matters to you I’m a lefty which tbh goes against my own personal financial interests but being a solid human to other humans is more important to me than how my taxes look) so usually this has to do with a pretty new face that overwhelms all the other beautiful people we see all the time on screen, and then I just kind of move on to whatever else I’m doing or tracking the actual point of the show I’m watching. You might think this happens all the time but where I live and have lived I’m quite used to seeing objectively incredibly looking people of all genders all the time so when this happens to me it is still something unique.

I typically am somebody who watches and consumes art and entertainment and easily identifies themes, foreshadowing, authorial or creative intent, I’m just that kind of viewer and always have been so I actually delight when that default mode of being a mentat (go read or watch Dune when it comes out – which btw Denis V should have cast this girl, she seems perfect) can still be thrown off course by something or someone that is just next level noticeable.

So let me get to this.

Months ago I was scrolling through twitter and people were talking about CW TV show that I guess was about to return to air and I just saw random promo pics or a trailer and I recall thinking wow that girl is beautiful, which isn’t too atypical because CW seems to have generational stock in impossibly attractive looking people coming up in Hollywood (or Canada or whatever).

Then I was watching this Netflix docudrama about Ancient Rome called Roman Empire and I’m an educated guy but this is not my field (though admittedly this era of Ceasar’s rise leading to Augustus probably has soaked into a lot of us via general classes and entertainment throughout our lives) but I have always loved watching this kind of stuff and this one adds slightly to what I’ve seen before but I can’t litigate how historically factual it is, I can say I found it very entertaining and was going through the episodes a part of me I think always is extra aware when I know Cleopatra is about to make an appearance just given her status in history and so many other people I’ve seen portray the character. I can attest to the fact that who plays Cleopatra is outrageously sultry and with a stop what you’re doing (and just try to breathe) face.

You can go back to Elizabeth Taylor (also famed for her facial features) from the ’60s all the way up to Lyndsey Marshal in HBO’s Rome (which was a fantastic show and too short lived). who played a very entertaining seductive spritey version of the queen of the Nile. The role in Roman Empire wasn’t huge but as soon as I saw this face again my brain felt like it accessed a mental footnote I left for myself and triggered that wonderful aforementioned…who is that? Except this time it was WHO IS THAT?

Jessica green cleopatra

I’m trying to break the code as my brain goes through prime Megan Fox, Olivia Munn, every perfect IG model under six filters and creative camera angles, is it that girl from The 100?, and nope, I just don’t have any historical reference for something quite this good.

I then googled the cast and I then saw that oh yeah this is the actor I saw on my twitter feed – she starred in the CW fantasy show The Outpost (which I haven’t seen but it’s super dope we have this female led fantasy series, which isn’t new, but it’s always great to see) and is originally apparently some beach goddess from some Aussie pantheon I’m not aware. Which totally fits, I’ve lived on islands and on the coast all my life and like I mentioned before these locales both attract and grow beautiful people.

In an era where we have so many screen with so much content and so much quality we can sort of coast mentally in this entertainment (in some cases) visual art treasure trove we live in and we do have things like Instagram where people that we’d only see in magazines before are just available (don’t take that literally creeps) so when something actually stops me and I take notice it is kind of a thing I take notice. of.

I don’t have much else to say about Jessica Green that isn’t altogether already evident w/o having to say anything, which is precisely fitting exactly that element I was talking about in the beginning, I just know she needs to be cast in everything because while I obviously don’t know what kind of worker she is behind the scenes, is she someone people like to work with (I’m willing to guess yes), but this look is rare in an industry that’s seen them all. I guess you can check out her instagram.

I hope to see her in something cool soon. I’m not sure if she has “it” yet but she has everything else.

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