New (old) Miyazaki and Wong Kar Wai is a good week in the World

hayao miyazak shunas journey wong kar wai criterion 4k in the mood for love

It’s a solid week when you have new – well repackaged – goodness from two masters, and probably my two favorite filmmakers.

Yup, this week legendary animation director Hayao Miyazaki has seen a work from his early 80s manga catalog recently translated and published. I think many people will open it up and immediately feel the iconic Miyazaki atmosphere. If you look at this and obviously his Nausicaä manga it kind of is unfair that an obvious master cartoonist in the making was like nah I’ll go do this and become one of the greatest directors of all time. Shuna’s Journey was published by First Second and I can’t wait to dive in.

Speaking of directors, Criterion has also just released a new 4k version of Wong Kar Wai’s In the Mood For Love. I’m more of a a 2046 guy but WKW’s filmography is a lot like Miyazaki’s to me where I respect everything and everything is an 8 or above and the cream is just some of the best that has ever been done. In the Mood for Love is in that top tier of his work though.

My only beef is I bought the World of Wong Kar Wai box set from Criterion a couple of years ago and now I’m double dipping for these 4ks lol.

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