Perfect Blue Steelbook On the Way

I will often just point to some stuff I’m pre-ordering here, especially steel books, and I do it partly because I’m just reminded of how much I like something and partly because sometimes its good to get these things early, as I wouldn’t want to pay the aftermarket price that sometimes steelbooks reach.

One example is one I blogged about earlier, Tokyo Beebop, which is now at least 2-3x more expensive to get. For sure this happens to series more often than films, I guess perhaps because of the higher relative initial price, but what this does happen with what I’m talking about today, Perfect Blue, is that they are both absolute classics of anime and animation in general.

perfect blue satoshi kon steel book

This new edition steel of Perfect Blue is coming out on September 14th from Shout! Factory and for people that know anything about anime there’s not much for me to need to say other than it’s coming out but for those aren’t and just dabble in anime, Satoshi Kon is one of the very topshelf masters of the form.

When you give people the Miyazaki and Takahata recommendation you mention Kon at the same time of. Of his films that he both directed and wrote he has never failed in delivering what is at least arguably a masterpiece.

Will definitely be on my shelf next month.

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