Poster Day – A Blast from my Past with The Last Unicorn

Latest purchase is this The Last Unicorn theatrical poster keeping with a bit of a roll I’m on getting posters of animated films.

This was a big movie for me when I was a kid and later I’d find the novel it was adapted from written by Peter Beagle, who is a fine writer who has written other terrific fantasy novels, another of my personal favorites being his The Innkeeper’s Song.

the last unicorn

It’s up there for me in terms of having two excellent versions of a story available, much like the late great William Goldman’s The Princess Bride novel and film being both very much worth your time. Beagle’s novel is an acknowledged fantasy classic and well loved by readers.

Also, like anyone else with taste and with a proclivity to liking wonderful things I’m a fan of Studio Ghibli. The Last Unicorn is this odd precursor to the famed animation studio, as it was animated by a company that would later be hired by Hayao Miyazaki to animate his Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind and was comprised of many people he’d later hire when he would later form Studio Ghibli.

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